Trailmix.Net blends adventure with learning.


We have been doing it for years.  The links below are a quick summary of our products and projects.

Rock and Mineral CollectingThe Trailmix.Net Rock of the Month Club

The Rock of the Month Club is an active rock collecting club that we started in 2010.  We have helped hundreds of kids build rock collections by wrapping exotic rocks in burlap and delivering them via USPS.  The system is on it’s third version.  The first was a mail only service.  In 2012 we moved some of our subscription management systems online.  Version three (Nov 2013) introduces a Netflix style rock selector and some very sophisticated management tools. Want to check it out?  Click here to build your own rock and mineral collection!

 Short Links for Science GeeksScienc.Me

Scienc.Me is a project that we just took out of the labs and launched online.  It shortens URLs for teachers, educators, science geeks, nerds, and other learning enthusiasts.  What makes it special?  Slick spam control.

URL shorteners can be used to disguise marketing, objectionable, or even dangerous links.  Because this URL shortening service is centered around a specific niche (science, technology, and education) the system expects certain types of content and as it grows it “learns” to reject others.  It is currently running in beta version 1.0 with expansion planned in the spring of 2014.  Want to take it for a test drive?  The service is free, feel free to check it out – short links for science geeks.

Education And AdventureThe Trailmix.Net Adventure Blog

Snippets of goodness that we like and want to share.  We like to write about hiking with kids, camping with kids, backyard adventures, gardening, birding, bug catching, and using nature to create educational opportunities for children.  Have a look if you like, click here to read our adventure blog.